In 2007, Anthony Morgan and Mike Cottle purchased what was once L.C. Jordan’s and opened the Black Gryphon, adding to a legacy of more than seventy years of dining at the location. The Black Gryphon, which represents the Morgan family crest, was based on the Welsh foundation of using local, fresh produce and product.

We continue to take inspiration from Welsh cuisine as well as homegrown, Central Pennsylvanian traditions. Everything we do is made-to-order, from farm to table. We strive to serve you only the best and nothing less. We look forward to having you!


  • Want the best wings in town for your Super Bowl party? Give us a call and make your pre-order today!

    50 Wings, 8oz Ranch or Bleu Cheese, & Celery - $35

    100 Wings, 16oz Ranch or Bleu Cheese, & Celery - $65

    Orders MUST be placed by 2/2 and picked up by 3PM on Sunday 2/3!

  • Join us & some of the South County Brewing crew, including James Arrison, for an evening of their fine libations. DRAFT LIST IS AS FOLLOWS 3 NEW BREWS (DIPA, 2 Intervals) & one old GOODIE (my golf course beer, what could that be?)

    Click here for more information!

  • The perfect gift for friends, family, or your best office bud! Never worry about misplacing your card or having to track someone down to hand it to them! It's all online (or you can also print it out if you'd like) and sent to your (or the "giftees") email address or phone!

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    This place is a solace, and doesn't offer the same Sysco, mid-grade quality food or the same line-up of beers on draft that every other restaurant serves. If you're looking for top notch service and excellent food, or really, if you're just tired of eating at the same places that offer the same things and you want a change of pace, the Black Gryphon is the answer.

    Rick K, Lancaster

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    The Black Gryphon is among the best restaurants in the Central Pennsylvania area.

    Matt R, Harrisburg

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    This is the best restaurant in Elizabethtown. When my wife and I are looking for quality, well-prepared meals out we go to the Black Gryphon.

    Ben D, Elizabethtown


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